Sayville Patient Testimonials

I first started coming to Sayville Medical and Rehab for my son last February regarding a hamstring injury. When he started physical therapy, I inquired about services for myself regarding and existing neck injury. The staff members and the onsite nurse made everything so easy to set things up. The staff is welcoming, professional, and very accommodating. The facility is very clean and I never wait for a scheduled appointment. The therapists are friendly and knowledgeable. I take advantage of all of their services. Physical therapy, medical massage, chiropractor and my favorite acupuncture. I would highly recommend this facility for anyone who is need of services. I look forward to my appointments every week! – Jen

I have been going to Sayville Medical and Rehab since May, 2019. I was in severe pain with my right hip and could barely walk. At Sayville Medical and Rehab I was doing physical therapy, chiropractic,
accupunture and medical massage. After a few months I had a tremendous improvement with my hip, less pain and was able to walk and perform my every day duties.

I continue today with my treatment doing accupunture and medical massage. I see Gabby and she does pressure points to my neck area and lower back along with stretching exercises that have helped greatly.
Everyone at this practice are very knowledgeable in what they do. I would recommend any one I know that is living in pain and doesn’t have to be, to go to Sayville Medical and Rehab and be treated. They will be just as happy as I am.

The staff is great, always making me feel welcome which is very nice. I would say since I started my
treatments there I have seen a big improvement in my hip, lower back and neck, which in turn has made my life a lot easier, especially since I am still in the work force and can’t afford not to have mobility and be pain free.

My compliments and sincere thanks to everyone at Sayville Medical and Rehab.

Janice Mortati
Bohemia, New York

Please allow me to share my thoughts on the stellar experience I have encountered at Sayville Medical and Rehab. Never before have I had such a comprehensive assessment and treatment plan implemented in such a pleasant environment.

Over the years I have come to expect that getting back to health and wellness would be an ordeal of inconvenient availability, cumbersome insurance paperwork, and generic treatment plans. That was until I walked into Sayville Medical and Rehab.

My wellness plan began with the warm and welcoming feel I received from everyone at the front desk. They are always there to happily greet me, handle my many questions and center appointments around my needs. The testing and diagnosis is done with clarity and diligence, which provided me with a clear understanding of my medical issues and the treatment plan to address them.

What truly separates Sayville Medical and Rehab from other providers is their comprehensive approach to my recovery. The ability for me to receive physical therapy, acupuncture, and medical massage has been an awakening. Like many, I often thought, “I guess I will just have to live and adapt to these pains and discomforts”. Not true. I can attest that the knowledge and skill of these medical professionals has brought me to a level of health I haven’t experienced in years.

In closing, I would like to thank the entire office for caring and sharing my journey to wellness.

Ed Paquette